Black Sky
Getting Ready to Run

30-Day Active Challenge

Ready to take on your 30-day challenge and start on your path to a healthier and happier life?

All right, let's go! This program is great for anyone from beginners to advanced. It's especially fun with groups! Over the coming weeks, give it everything you've got, and know that I'm here with you every step of the way. This program is customizable and scalable. This program lasts approximately 30 Days.

The program includes:

- You begin with 1 or sometimes 2 daily exercise(s) to perform.

-Each week you will rotate through 5 different movement patterns and go on long walks.

-Supportive daily messages (about mindful eating and gratitude journaling), and a start and finish progress assessment.

- 30 Day Subscription to the Gym Firebrand App

-A Customizable Eating Strategy 

-Private Team Chat 

-Cancel or Switch Programs at anytime