Black Sky
Strong Man

Physique Upgrade

This full-body program is designed as an introduction to strength training. We're keeping it simple and straight to the point. You want to build muscle, and add some power to your frame.


You'll look better, feel stronger and be more active in your daily life. Keep it short. Don't over-exert yourself, don't try to show off and this program will serve you well. Focus on the mind-muscle connection. Not how heavy a load you are lifting or moving. You want to really learn what each muscle feels like and dance in the fire. (Perform Reps through the burn!)


Abs are a priority in this program too because you need a strong core to keep your spine and back healthy, but also, Abs are a symbol of health if you live on planet earth. So were going to train them to not only protect our organs but to look damn good doing it.


This program lasts for 8 weeks and includes: 3 workouts (full body - squat & push; full-body - deadlift & pull; full-body - lunges, abs, & accessories) split over the week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday respectively.

You will need Dumbbells and Barbells.

The program includes:
- 3 Full body Split Workouts a week.
- Ab works and cardio activities.

- 90 Day Subscription to the Gym Firebrand App

-3 Customizable Eating Strategies 

-Private Team Chat 

-Cancel or Switch Programs at anytime