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Rediscover freedom of motion with movements inspired by nature. Reinvigorate your movement patterns and your overall body weight strength. Get familiar with all of the essential creature movements: squat, lunge, push-ups, pull-ups, crawl, jump, leap, and bending at the spine. The timed workouts are HIIT Style circuits meant to torch fat, by getting you on the floor. Your entire body, mind, legs, and lungs, will be challenged. The harder you work, the more Primal Basics will pay you back with results. 


This program lasts approximately 12 weeks.

The program includes:

- You begin with 3 or sometimes 6 daily exercise(s) to perform.

-Each week you will rotate through different movement patterns and work your core.

This 12 Week Program will train your body with the ultimate goal of having you perform not only all of the Primal Basics but the benchmark of fitness standards for bodyweight movements of Deep Squats, Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Lunges, Bear Crawls, Dips, Hanging Knee tucks, and 2 min planks. All other moves are based on these functional patterns. 

-Shred fat as you spend time on the floor, supporting your own body.

-Minimal Equipment.

- 3 Months of the Gym Firebrand App

-Monthly Personalized Eating Strategy 

-Private Team Chat 

-Cancel or Switch Programs at anytime