Power of the Mind

Willpower is one of the most important factors in a successful nutritional or training plan. Whether it be controlling your craving or upping your time in the gym, willpower is the force that can drive you. Here we will look at some tips on improving your willpower and focusing it on these goals! I believe you only have a certain amount of willpower every day when you wake up. Everything you do over the course of the day spends some of this willpower, starting immediately when you get out of bed in the morning and the alarm goes off. So here we are going to look at some ways of maximizing your willpower.

Limit the spending

Organization is key to controlling the spending of willpower. By being organized in the planning and preparation of your meals, it reduces the risk of a slip up. I know many people are guilty of finding themselves stranded for a healthy meal and so resort to less than ideal options. By keeping organized you won’t spend the willpower this way - take food, plan a healthy restaurant or just be fussy at an unhealthy one. 

Prioritizing goals is also an important aspect of willpower. Until someone is fully committed to succeed then it is still possible to slip up on the way. Some people may priorities the dislike of exercise over the satisfaction of results; others may put the enjoyment of junk food ahead of feeling fit and healthy. Truly prioritizing your fitness goal will guarantee results, leaving yourself no other option but to succeed. Then when you reach your goals, the process that got you there will have become part of your routine and one which you won’t break. 

Borrow some

Another great method for increasing willpower is by borrowing some from others. Those that train in groups or with training partners tend to get results faster. Having a combined effort to achieve results will increase the overall desire to reach them. Also simply sharing your goals with people can help. On a recent work trip to LA, my wife and I went for a dinner one night. I had shared with her my goals of a certain percentage body fat that I wanted to achieve within an 8-week deadline. I was about to order the burger and fries when she said to me “would you tell Clients to eat that”? She didn’t need to say anymore. A switch went in my mind and I was focused on my goals again. In order for this method to be successful, you have to be thick-skinned - remember people are just trying to help you. 

Grow your capabilities

The last section is to grow your capabilities- seek inspiration from those around you and surround yourself with motivated and likeminded people. Try to keep positive about your goals and strive to reach them even if, at first, they seem impossible. Remind yourself you can achieve them and set short and intermediate goals that are specific to reaching your target.

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