Live Personal Training


This is a live workout, you will take exercise instruction from the trainer directly. You will be constantly assessed in real-time. You will receive a calorie-specific meal plan to follow by your Trainer. You can access this via the app, which will get an Online Workout App. We will use this app will track your Biometric Stats like your lifts, workouts, sleep, blood pressure, meals, and habits. App Subscription is included with all Fitness Training as long as you train.


A note about Training. You will be asked to do things that may make you uncomfortable during training. You will be stressed during sessions because Weight Lifting and Fitness Training are difficult. I may ask you to do things you do not like, but that may be a part of your training protocol. 


The only way to change the body is to grow in strength against challenge. 


1x 1 hour -    $25 per session (01 total workouts)   

You Pay $25

Package -1 Hour monthly sessions

2x a week $264.00 (08 total workouts a month)   

You Pay $33.00 per session

3x a week $396.00 (12 total workouts a month)   

You Pay $33.00 per session

4x a week $528.00 (16 total workouts a month)   

You Pay $33.00 per session


You and up to three friends or a partner train in person. The benefit is that you get to work together and hold each other accountable. Take note, if you're in a group and half of them show up, and you don't, that still counts! This is a live workout, you will take instruction from the trainer directly. Thirty days of App Sub is included with all Fitness Training.

PRICES ARE PER PERSON (Each of you Pay)  - 1 Hour monthly sessions

2x a week $400.00 (08 total workouts a month)  

Group of 2 - $200.00 per person

Group of 3 - $133.00   per person

Group of 4 - $100.00  per person

3x a week $600.00 (12 total workouts a month) 

Group of 2 - $300.00 per person

Group of 3 - $200.00 per person

Group of 4 - $150.00 per person

4x a week $800.00 (16 total workouts a month) 

Group of 2 - $400.00 per person

Group of 3 - $266.00 per person

Group of 4 - $200.00 per person


Three Types of Online Coaching

1. Weekly Live sessions (with Trainer) See Single or Duo Rates above.

These are live Workouts you purchase like an in-person session, and I train you Live via Television or Computer and require an internet connection. It's like a DVD workout, except I can yell at you and tell you to do ten more. 

2. Premium Coaching Program with Video Calls (with Trainer) 

You get a customized training program and nutrition plan. Then, depending on how much coaching you need, I call you multiple times a month. This is a more hands-on approach for those who need face-to-face contact with a trainer but live too far away to be in person. It's the same as the independent training programs, just I'm more present for you. Click here to see more about my Online Coaching Programs. ​

3. Independent Training Online without Video calls (without Trainer) 

A self-paced program you follow using my App. We communicate in-app via text. You get a meal plan and follow your calorie goal. This program is best for independent people on their schedule who just want a program to follow without worrying about what to do and how much to eat. Click here to see more about my Self Paced Programs.

Terms and Conditions to Train

All sessions are paid upfront for the month. All sessions are to be used within four weeks.

All sessions are 60 min. There is no rollover of sessions not used.  Extra sessions may be purchased for your price per session, up to a maximum of 4 per month. Exceeding this limit will advance you into the next training bracket and price point.


Training can be postponed for exceptional circumstances at the trainer's discretion only. Applies to sessions booked at The 24-hour timeframe begins when you book your training session through or with your trainer.

Requests for refunds will be credited back in the original form of payment. Refunds will only be given if more than 90% of your allotted training sessions remain. After two weeks into a 4-week training cycle, refunds will NOT be given.

Reservations must be prepaid and booked in advance. Reserved, future training spots must have a 7-Days notice to cancel for a full refund. This includes but is not limited to reserving training for 1-2 weeks out and up to 1-2 months ahead of time.

Groups may pay in one transaction. Or one transaction per person in the group. Everyone must pay in full on the same day before training, or there will be no training. Group tickets are subject to the terms of a group contract binding each other to one another's timing, reservations of training, and session use. If someone leaves the group before the allotted training cycle is over, but the others remain, there will be no refunds.

Gym Firebrand has the right to raise training and coaching rates without cause or explanation at any time for any reason. When you choose to train with Brant, you agree to these terms. Therefore, you are verbally agreeing to train under these conditions after the first transaction and session are complete. Fair warnings of price changes will be given when applicable. Price changes are non-negotiable. 

Rejection of Workouts, Diets, Training protocols, exercise programs, advice, or generally not adhering to any of Gym Firebrand's Programs or Brant's instruction can result in our parting ways. Make sure to honestly know what it is you want and why you are training before deciding to hire a coach. Do everything you can to work with your coach to avoid separation. Trust is required. A breach of trust, or a lack thereof, will create an uncoachable Trainee. If this is you, learn to listen more and speak less. You came to get coached, not to teach everyone what you know. Never forget this, and you will go far.  


Respect is mutual. Reciprocity goes a long way here. Come with an empty mind.

Cancellation Policy 

We know that life happens, and you may need to change your plans unexpectedly.

Gym Firebrand's 24-hour flexible booking policy allows you to make changes to select reservations within 24 hours of booking and training without being charged if you purchased one week or more before the training was scheduled. This includes canceling your reservation and changing your time. You will lose the session if you do not reschedule your session or attempt to contact your coach before training.