Rate Change

Hello all. Due to the rise of minimum wage in California and starting a new job in April, I am raising my rates effective immediately. My time availability in the evenings will be limited to 5:30pm and 6:30pm.

For current customers, I will lock your rate where it is until 2021. Then you will be shifted to the new rates. Also if you take an extended break (more than two months) or quit and return at another time you will be charged the new rate.

The only monthly subscription will be the Base 4x per month training plan which includes the app. You can also subscribe to the Fitness App for $12 a month. These are both recurring.

For all other training, they will now be sold in packages . You will get so many workout sessions per package. Price breakdown is available to show you exactly how much you pay per session. Each package also has an expiration date of 30-60 days depending on which your purchase. Those details and more are available here. This should help keep you accountable, and provide a sense of urgency and seriousness to your training.

Details 👇https://www.gymfirebrand.com/personal-training

Thanks for Training with Gym Firebrand. 🔥🗡💪


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