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Hi, I'm Brant and I'm the Owner and creator of Gym Firebrand. I've been a Certified Fitness Trainer for 11 years. Brant Rotramel holds five certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association in Carpenteria, California, and wears the title of Elite Trainer with honor. 


I've been spreading the fitness lifestyle through nutrition, and exercise for 11 years while preaching a can-do attitude, of self-discovery, through physical exercise.


I've worked hundreds of people, ages 12-101, and I've logged over 30k hours, as a Personal Trainer on the Gym Floor. Now I've taken my Gym Online and offer coaching to anyone around the world. 


I employ a mixture of modern exercise science, the latest tech, time-tested training methods, and plenty of time under the bar myself to bring the best fitness experience I can to my clients.

My Certifications from the I.S.S.A are;

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Fitness Nutritionist

Certified Group Fitness Specialist

Certified Senior Fitness Specialist

Certified Bodybuilding Coach

I'm also a trained Artist in digital and traditional mediums, I live in Visalia, California with my Son and Wife.  I believe you are only as strong as your team, so get with the right people and you will go far.  Read, go outside, play with your kids, eat well, hold hands, say I love you, and train like your life depends on it. You only have one shot! Make it count. 

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