These programs are for the independent and self-driven. These Workout Programs exist to help you create for yourself, a well-rounded body. One that is stronger, faster, and more capable. You will have guidance but you will train independently at home or from a gym environment of your choice. Training Online independently will help you to strengthen your self-discipline as you practice your fitness. All programs include membership to my private, online training group via the Train Heroic App.


What is Train Heroic?

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Programs for all levels, in any situation, from anywhere in the world. Full Gym or no gear at all. Weight loss to Mass gain. Better Balance over age 60 or just starting to lift for the first time. Workouts are tracked via the Train Heroic App. Full instructions, performance analysis, on-point coaching, and a full video library, make sure you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Not sure? Send a message to your coach and get an answer immediately in a live chat. Programs can be scaled to your level and you can train solo or with a friend in a Duo Team program. 

21 Day Trial

Try out Train Heroic and get a taste of Gym Frebrand's Programming.

Get a sample diet to follow that is specific to the goals that will teach you healthy habits so you'll know what to look forward to as you train.

3 Weeks - 4 Training Days, 3 Rest

Muscular Man in Gym

Men's Physique

This program will build muscle and strength throughout your entire body over 5 days a week over a 4 week period. A physique where shape, symmetry, and a pleasing athletic, muscular look are rewarded. Build an overall great physique, increase strength and musculature in all the right places. Emphasis on Chest, Arms, Shoulders, V Taper, and powerful Legs. 

12 Weeks - 5 Training Days, 2 Rest


Athletic Training

Coming Soon!

30-Day Kick Start

This program is designed to give the non-exerciser a 30 day kick start into a new lifestyle. Using bodyweight only you will push, squat, hop, crunch, jack, lunge, reach and streatch yourself into a new you in 30 days. You won't miss the couch!

4 Weeks - 5 Training Days, 2 Rest

Strong Woman

Women's Physique

Sculpt, tone, and firm your entire body, with this ultimate blueprint. I've designed this program for intermediate athletes looking to take their bodies to the next level. The following plan is designed to build the ultimate wonder woman! We focus on total body muscle building, as well as prioritizing the glutes, hips, abs, and arms. 

12- Weeks -  5 Training Days, 2 Rest

Intense Workout

High Intensity Training

Coming Soon!

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Senior Fitness

Adopt a new outlook on optimal health, longevity, and vitality. Using exercise to gain strength and delay the consequences of aging for decades. Train to increase balance, stamina, power, brain activity, and a stronger heart. 


Body Building

Coming Soon!

Fitness Workout

Circuit Training

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