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Embark on an incredible journey of transformation with my exclusive Carnivore Reset 90-Day Challenge! 🦁 When you join this empowering experience, you'll not only gain access to a guided program but also receive a complimentary copy of my meticulously crafted 23-page guide, "The Carnivore Reset"! 📖🥩This comprehensive guide, born from 33,000 hours as a trainer, a year of carnivore lifestyle, and over 700 intermittent fasts, delves into the primitive roots of carnivore, explores the optimal human diet, provides insights into fasting, glucose regulation, and explains why so many people battle with weight and health issues. 🏋️‍♂️ Over a two-year period, I personally lost 20lbs of body fat, and this guide encapsulates my journey, offering you invaluable lessons."The Carnivore Reset" covers crucial topics such as restoring health and metabolic flexibility, program rules, a detailed shopping list, guidance on fasting, essential vocabulary, anecdotes from scientific literature, and a list of recommended MDs to aid your personal research. 🧑‍⚕️ Learn about how fat loss works, why low-calorie diets fall short, the chronic over-nourishment prevalent in American diets, and why the Standard American Diet (SAD) is toxic, primarily laden with vegan, corn, and sugar components.


🍏🌽For those ready to embark on their carnivore journey, visit, scroll below the majestic lions' picture, and click "Charge Your Life." 🦁 Join our carnivore crew and take a ride on this guided 90-day journey. Enjoy a full calendar outlining workouts, dietary plans, and receive support and accountability from me, your expert coach. 💪🔥 Let's rewrite your story together!So why wait? Grab your copy of the Gym Firebrand Starting Fat Loss Program PDF today and start enjoying the journey towards a healthier, happier you!

You'll need barbells, dumbbells, some machines, a foam roller, my fitness pal and a printer to make the best use of this program.


Who is it For?


This is for beginners or intermediate trainees looking to gain a better understanding of just how easy it is to control their nutriton and start getting rid of unwanted, unsightly body fat. Not only will this make you healthier but you'll sleep better, have more energy, feel lighter, lower blood pressure, and look great! 


How long does it last? 


This program lasts for 4 weeks and teaches you everything you need to know to control your diet and lose unwanted body fat for the rest of your life. You can repeat the process after 4 weeks and do it again using the Built in TDEE and Macro Calculator right in the PDF.


What does the program consist of?


This Program is for everyone.  You don't have to be a bodybuilder or an athlete or spend countless hours in the gym! Not only will I guide you in the process of finding your calorie needs, but you'll see which Macros you need to use too. You will get 4 Weeks of Workouts, Two in the Gym and Cardio outside of the gym. I emphasize only Rowing and Walking. There is also a Foam Roller routine and Abs Routine. You will also get a Meal plan that you will follow each week. We all know you can't outwork a bad diet. So that is critical.


Do I need the Gym Firebrand App?

You don't need the app to use this program. You can download the PDF, and get started today. However if you do use the Gym Firebrand App, Brant can help guide you, answer questions when they arise, help you program your Apple Watch, Fit Bit, use My Fitness Pal, break down your calories and Macros, and your workouts will be on the Calendar inside the app so you will be able to stick to a schedule. Brant will also be able to see your Nutrition and Workouts and help keep you accountable. 


Are you ready to start your Fat Loss Journey? Download the PDF Book Today and it's yours to keep forever! I hope it helps you! 


To Join the App and take your Fat Loss Efforts to the next level click " Here to Join" 

Carnivore Reset Challenge [vol 1]

  • PDF, this is a digital E Book. Once you purchase it you can download it and have it forever.

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