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Gym Firebrand is an Online Personal Training service owned and operated by Brant Rotramel, located in Visalia, CA.  I offer various physical health solutions to help you light your inner fire.  Your health journey starts here, let's light that spark! Train Online via my app, choose a program, and get going. Need more coaching? Choose an in-depth approach with my 3 or 6-month programs. 

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We offer two training paths to accommodate your health goals. Finding the time can be difficult, but consistency is key. 

Light the spark with 1-on-1 Virtual training. Perfect for people that need a little extra motivation and accountability. Call or text to see if I can help you. 3 and 6 month transformation packages.

Keep the fire going with online training. Open the app, pick a workout and get going. 1-on-1 Distance coaching is also available. The programs and your biometrics are always available to you.

Owner and Certified Fitness Trainer Brant Rotramel holds five certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association in Carpenteria, California, and wears the title of Elite Trainer with honor. 

I really enjoy the process of getting stronger and helping people see the strength they are capable of. Seeing each person's story, hearing their goals, and then creating innovative programs for them is what I enjoy. I really excel at turning the overly complicated and emotional process of change into an enjoyable experience. Training others to utilize a new mindset is what has given me so much success with my clients, everyday people, and weekend athletes that come to me for training.