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Welcome, fellow traveler, to this fleeting moment we share upon the Earth. Time, precious and finite, urges us to seize the opportunity for growth and discovery. As you stand here seeking guidance, know that I am but a humble sage, ready to offer what wisdom I possess.

Take a moment to look around and explore the paths before you. Click on 'Philosophy' in the menu to embark on a journey of learning and enlightenment. Or scroll below through some of my most popular Online Fitness Challenges. Thank you for gracing this space with your presence. Together, let's embrace the adventure that lies ahead! Let's train!

Workout Programs 👇

Get Started Now with one of my Workout Programs! From Bodyweight only to the Hypertrophy, 10-Week Women's, or the 90-Day Carnivore Reset! Explore some of the programs below.  Each program is self-paced, and you will know what you're supposed to do every day. For more, click here.

Body Weight Only
Commercial Gym
Growh Accelerator System
90 Day Primal Challenge

Youtube Channel 👇

I offer two training paths to accommodate your health goals. Finding the time can be difficult, but consistency is key. 

Light the spark with 1-on-1 Virtual and In person training programs. Perfect for people that need a little extra motivation and accountability. Check out my programs and see which one is right for you. 

Keep the fire going with online training. Pick a program, open the app, and get going. Workouts are always available on your calendar so you always know what to do.

Owner and Certified Fitness Trainer Brant Rotramel has been Training for 11 years holds five certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association in Carpenteria, California, and wears the title of Elite Trainer with honor. 

I enjoy the process of getting stronger and helping people see the strength they are capable of. Seeing each person's story, hearing their goals, and then creating innovative programs for them is what I enjoy. I excel at turning the overly complicated and emotional process of change into an enjoyable experience.


Training others to utilize a new mindset is what has given me so much success with my clients, everyday people, and weekend athletes who come to me for training.


“Listen to will take time to adjust but it works. I lost 50lbs in a year.”


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