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Est July 29, 2017

At Gym Firebrand, Personal Trainer Brant Rotramel preaches a can-do attitude of self-discovery, through physical exercise and nutrition.


Men and Women alike can take part in a workout and fitness experience like no other around. Come and train with me, 1-on-1, live and in-person at my private Gym in Visalia, California.


Or you can train On-the-go with the Gym Firebrand mobile App! You'll have access to all your Workout Plan, Meal plan, and of course your Trainer via 24/7 Chat and Video Call. 



The beginning is the most important part of the story. 

A Path Forward

You can have all the videos, books, equipment, clothing, technology, memberships, blenders, shaker cups, supplements, and good intentions in the world when it comes to your Fitness and Health goals. But if you don't have focus, will, determination, and a clearly defined plan, and you don't know a way forward you will probably fail. Why? Because getting fit is hard work. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you it will be easy because it won't. This is not going to be easy. But it'll be worth it, I assure you.


In-Person, or Virtually Online, I can help you. I swore that if I ever became fit  (I Did!) I would help others find a path forward because I didn't have one. Whatever reason it is that you are here, whether you be new, seasoned, or an old gym rat, I can show you a better way. 


Choose a Path

Whether you're signing up for Online or in-person coaching, step one is for us to define your goals. Why are you training? There's nothing worse than wanting to make a change and not knowing where to go, what to do, or whom to talk to. You might be motivated to go forward but you're confused because of all the noise. The internet is muddled with half-truths and people looking to make a quick buck. That isn't me.


The Right Tools

 Getting stronger, amazing health, better flexibility or a super physique doesn't happen by accident. This is where I come in!  You will get a personal eating strategy and delicious menu customized to your eating style, and a  tailored workout plan with videos and pictures and a built-in log so you can make the most of your efforts in the gym! Your App technology will keep records of your progress and we can adjust as necessary.  



A Personal Trainer is more than a fitness expert. They're a Coach, a Mentor, and a Friend! 

When you join Gym Firebrand I will help you day in day out, rain or shine, to keep you motivated on your journey.  Using my Website and the Gym Firebrand App, we can work directly through messaging and video about your progress. I am always in contact with you and you can always reach out to your Gym Family through our group chat when you need a boost and we can celebrate your successes together.

Gym Firebrand Fitness Coaching
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