We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

– Aristotle


What Clients Say

"Gym Firebrand has been more than I expected. He definitely goes above what I have experienced with Personal Training."


There's nothing worse than wanting to make a change and not knowing where to go, what to do, or whom to talk to. You might be motivated to go forward, but you're confused because of all the noise. Training with the right group and finding the right coach are critical for your success. As a member of Team Firebrand, you'll get:

Unlimited Access to Daily, Weekly, or Month Long Programs

Easy to Follow and Understand Programming

Track every workout and see your progress

Weekly Check-Ins

Immediate Feedback

Truthful Coaching

My Inexhaustible WillPower  to Encourage you

Video Tutorials 

Personal Video Chat

Dad Jokes

Live Messaging with me and your Team


Access to My Personal Digital Fitness Library of E-Books I've built up over 10 years.


Owner and Certified Fitness Trainer Brant Rotramel holds five certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association in Carpenteria, California, and wears the title of Elite Trainer with honor. 


Brant has been spreading the fitness lifestyle through nutrition, and exercise for 10 years while preaching a can-do attitude, of self-discovery, through physical exercise. 


I've worked with people, ages 12-101, logging over 25,920 hours, and counting as a Personal Trainer and Group Instructor. 

I really enjoy the process of getting stronger and helping people see the strength they are capable of. Seeing each person's story, hearing their goals, and then creating innovative programs for them is what I enjoy. I really excel at turning the overly complicated and emotional process of change into an enjoyable experience. Training others to utilize a new mindset is what has given me so much success with my clients, everyday people, and weekend athletes that come to me for training.

I specialize in teaching complete beginners and novices looking to step up their game. My workouts are potent enough even for some elite athletes and I am specialized in Drug-Free Body Building. Some other forms of training I practice and teach are circuit training, Kick Boxing, Powerlifting, HiiT, Qi Gong, Yoga, and Nutrition.


I employ a mixture of modern exercise science, the latest tech, time-tested training methods, and plenty of time under the bar myself to bring the best fitness experience I can to you, both in the Gym and Online.


20+ 5-Star Reviews




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