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Training begins in your head. Before you even start lifting to gain muscle, lose weight, compete in sports, take the stage, or even get healthier, you have to decide to commit to that idea. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time. Changing your body is one of the most challenging things you could undertake. For that I commend you. Your first challenge is overcoming your inner self, your shadow. To do that you must have a positive mindset and the will to succeed. You must also have aspects of your life in order. If any of these aspects are not aligned with your new goals, you will struggle. Physical training should be approached holistically. Why? Because you want to get healthier, look better, be stronger, move better, etc. All your goals are valid. We want it all. You deserve it all. So get out of your head and pay attention. This is where your training begins. Watch this video below to begin and then click next lesson when you get to the bottom of the page. If you need to pause or stop the video, do it. If you need to come back later, this website will be here as long as I am alive on Earth.

Training Checklist using a Bio-Psycho-Social Model. How do you stack up in these areas? Is there anything preventing you from achieving your goals in any of these aspects of your life? 

  1. HomeLife - Environment, Family, Comfort, Safe Space, Welcoming

  2. Recovery - Sleep, Relaxation, Off Time, Non-Work, Outdoor Time

  3. Social - Time with Friends, Family, Interaction with others without work or job demand (hang out)

  4. Psychological - Mental Health, Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Mood, Self Image, the Self, the Shadow

  5. Dietary - How well you eat, what you eat and drink

  6. Health - Your bodies health, organs, heart, brain, cholesterol, arthritis, diseases, etc


1 Mindset

The most challenging part about changing the body isn't the workouts or the dieting. Like all things in life, to truly change and become better, it all starts with a thought. After all, you are what you think. Haven't you heard? Fitness begins with a thought and thoughts become actions. Actions repeated produce habits. Mind over matter! Let me ask you, do you believe in yourself? Are you willing to try harder than you've ever tried before? If you truly want to change you will give a full effort, commit to your goals, and go all in. If you do this, you'll hit your goals and change your body. If you don't try hard enough, you'll fail and that will be that. Do you know why we fail? So we can get back up and try again. Every time you try again, you grow and that is the mindset that you'll need to train.

2 Thought

Change begins in mind, with an idea. An idea is a thought, which leads to action or inaction. What you give power to has power over you. Psychological walls stop people from reaching their goals. We all have reasons for training but the answer is far from showing up and doing the workouts. To get fit you have to change your mind and get accustomed to hard work. Rome wasn't built in a day.

3 Work

You know that person who says they work out 3-4 days per week but hasn't changed in 5 years? Watch them actually work out, and you'll find a lack of effort. Texting, social media, reading, watching T.V., watching their phone, being a chatty-Kathy. They only do easy exercises that they're comfortable with and cardio is a turtles pace. If that reminds you of yourself, that's okay.  Acknowledge it and get ready to move on because we're going to change all that.

4 Goals

Clearly define what it is you want. What are your goals? Why are you training? Success in the gym comes from people who work harder than others. Success comes when people believe in themselves, they don't quit and they don't take shortcuts. You must maintain fitness outside of the gym, like eating right, removing stress, and getting plenty of rest for recovery. All these habits will help get you towards your goals, which are defined clearly and attainable.

5 Willpower

Your will is a manifestation of your inner strength. You will need the willpower to train and make changes to your body. If you need willpower, borrow some from your friends or get a trainer. Through mental and physical exercise, practice good self-control and positive thinking. By paying attention to your motivations and the progress you make, you can then improve your willpower in a lasting way. Resist temptation. Remember why you decided to train in the first place. Focus.

6 Nutrition

You are what you eat. Ever heard of that? Well, you don't want to be a bag of chips, do you? Exercise is important, but if you want to change your weight and body, 70% of your look depends on how you eat. It took a long time for you to gain weight. Alternatively, if you're too thin, it's tough to build mass. Right? If you want long term change, for good, you have to find a method of eating that works for you and stick to it. Abs start in the kitchen. Everything you eat matters. Every. Single. Bite.

7 Exercise

In the scheme of things, exercising burns a relatively small amount of calories. However, it's critical for optimal health and longevity. Exercise needs to be apart of your daily life. Humans aren't meant to sit in chairs and stare at phones and computers all day. So few people get the opportunity to enjoy their youth and the strength that comes with it. Please don't waste it, take up exercise as soon as you can. It will enhance your life 100 fold! Health IS wealth.

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