1. Working out at home is hard

So why is it just so hard to lose weight or gain muscle alone? Is it really supposed to be this hard? Well no, it actually isn't that hard. It's very straight forward but your mindset is stopping you. It's the way you've been taught to approach the task. Society at large (pun intended) has it all wrong.

More than likely, as I was once, you've been convinced by clever advertising, social media, magazines, friends, word of mouth, television, or misleading information and it has convinced you that it is easy as long as you have X, Y, Z in a row and follow A, B, C rule set. Just stick with the secret method, do this special diet. Follow this special workout plan, etc.


The truth is all of that is just noise. There is a lot of it these days. The best thing you could do is save yourself time, money, and a headache, and hire a fitness pro to give it to you straight.

Personal Trainers teach exercise and healthy weight management via calorie control. If your, X, Y, Z, A, B, C program doesn't have a potential end in sight, and or, it sounds too good to be true... it probably is and they just want your money. There is no such thing as fat burning gel and you cannot outwork a bad diet. Somethings are fundamental truths and facts are hard pills to swallow at times. One thing is for certain, liars are plentiful.

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