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Did you know most people never reach their fitness goals because they don't have a clear path forward, or they quit too soon because there is no accountability?
Ready to change that?
Transform your physique with the Gym Firebrand Online Training App! Enjoy versatile programs tailored for fun and wellness, including improved sleep, fat loss, strength gain, balance, cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and mental clarity.
Access your program anytime, anywhere, with options for a full gym, minimal gear, or bodyweight workouts.
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[Free] Coaching Intro

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Beginner Trial [Low Gear]

Are you ready to kickstart your fitness journey? My 14-day trial workout program is the perfect way to get started!

Not only will you get access to a variety of workouts designed to help you build strength and endurance, but you'll also receive a habit transformation guide that will teach you about the power of healthy habits. In the first week, you'll learn how to establish healthy habits that will support your fitness goals, and in the second week, we'll dive into the importance of portion control.

To demonstrate the power of the app, I've included "Brant's Favorite" workouts, which are accessible via a drop-down menu. Plus, throughout the week, you'll receive informative videos from Brant to help keep you motivated and on track.

One of the key focuses of this program is walking and learning the importance of taking 10,000 steps a day. The App will gradually increase your walking distance and help you establish a routine that supports your fitness goals. This trial gives you a taste of what a fully programmed Calendar and workout log would look and feel like.

So what are you waiting for? Join me for this 14-day trial and start your journey toward a healthier, happier you!

Equipment List

Bodyweight, Foam Roller, A Printer, Pedometer or Step Counter, Timer or Distance Tracking App like Fit Bit, Apple Watch, or Nike Run.

[Paid] Self-Paced Program


Beginner [DB's Only]

Women often have different fitness goals and trouble areas compared to men, which means their training approach may also differ. For instance, many women prioritize having toned legs, a strong core, and firm glutes. This emphasis on lower body strength and aesthetics reflects a desire for a balanced physique and functional strength.

In terms of training, women may focus more on exercises that target these specific areas. For example, incorporating a variety of squats, lunges, deadlifts, and hip thrusts can effectively engage the legs, core, and glutes.

The 3-day training plan targeting glutes provided here acknowledges the importance of these muscle groups for women. The quick, 15-minute workouts are designed to be efficient and effective, catering to busy schedules. Using just a dumbbell and a bench makes it accessible for home workouts, providing convenience and flexibility.

Furthermore, women are encouraged to take their time to learn new exercises and focus on feeling their glutes being worked. Mind-muscle connection is crucial for optimal muscle engagement and development, helping women achieve their desired results more effectively.

Equipment List

1-3 Pair of Dumbbells, Kettlebells are Okay too, Mat.  Incline and Decline Bench, Box or Step, Treadmill, App Compatible

[Paid] Self-Paced Program


Beginner [DB's Only]

Introducing my beginner-friendly yet intermediate-challenging program, available for free to everyone because I truly believe in its transformative power. All you need are dumbbells and determination to embark on this fitness journey. Repeat the program as many times as you like, and when you're ready for more intense or specialized training, you can explore our paid programs.

Prepare to awaken your inner strength with my oldest program – a perfect blend of strength-building and fat-burning exercises tailored for beginners and those seeking a challenge. The method is simple yet effective: 1) Lift Dumbbells. 2) Focus on a few moves. 3) Repeat until you're good at it. Repetition is the name of the game.

No fancy equipment or gym memberships are required – just grab your dumbbells and unleash your potential. This comprehensive 4-week program targets every muscle group, promising to sculpt your physique and elevate your lifestyle.

With three demanding workouts weekly, featuring exercises like squats, push, deadlifts, pulls, lunges, abs, and accessories, you'll witness remarkable progress in no time. Assessments at the beginning, week 5, and upon completion of week 8 allow you to monitor your advancements and celebrate your victories.

Equipment List

1-3 pair of Dumbbells, preferably light, medium and heavy. Mat.  Health App Compatible.

[Paid] Self-Paced Program

Canva Design (1).png

Bodyweight Only [No Gear]

Get ready to torch calories and shed body fat with this intense 4-week Metabolic Conditioning Program! Our workouts are designed to get your heart pumping and your metabolism firing on all cylinders.


You'll experience three different workouts: "Sprinting & Getting Shredded," "Rowing & Getting Ripped," and "Jumping Rope & Getting Jacked." These workouts are strategically scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to keep your body challenged and constantly progressing.

Metabolic conditioning is the secret sauce of this program - exercises that vary from moderate to high intensity and are intended to improve both the aerobic and anaerobic systems. In just 20 minutes per workout, you'll work all your muscle groups and leave feeling energized and accomplished. Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

Equipment List

Bands, Kettlebell, Med Ball, Pull Up Bar, Sliders, Band (Loop), Jump Rope, Dumbbells, Rowing Machine. Health App Compatible.

[Paid] Self-Paced Program


Hypertrophy [Full Gym]

GAS is designed to maximize muscle hypertrophy and strength gains through strategic training methods. Participants follow a structured regimen that emphasizes progressive overload, strategic variation, and intense training techniques. Workouts typically involve split training, focusing on specific muscle groups each session while incorporating a mix of compound and isolation exercises.

The programs employ techniques such as periodization, where training intensity and volume are systematically varied over time to prevent plateaus and stimulate continuous growth. Additionally, they emphasize muscle confusion by incorporating different rep ranges, tempos, and exercise variations each session and week to keep the muscles challenged and responsive.

The efficacy of these programs lies in their systematic approach to training, which optimizes muscle stimulation, recovery, and adaptation. By consistently pushing the limits and providing the muscles with new challenges, participants can achieve significant gains in both size and strength, making "GAS"  highly effective for serious lifters seeking substantial muscle growth. I will guarantee you will see growth with this method or I'll give your money back. This program lasts for 3 months.

Equipment List

Olympic Barbells, Dumbbells, Pull-Up Bar, Mat.  Incline and Decline Bench, Squat Rack, Machines, Cables, Bike, Treadmill, Stairs, App Compatible

[Paid] 5 Programs


Basic Membership

With exclusive monthly access, you'll have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals right at your fingertips the way you want.


From nutrition tracking to Health App connectivity and an active Group Chat, this app has it all. You'll have access to 5 of my top-rated programs (over 50+ workouts) so you can start training like a pro right away.


Create your program, train the way you want, when you want with no calendar restrictions. You can create your approach to training I give you the tools to succeed, you train the way you want.


This is for those who prefer limited hand-holding, but still want the benefit of expertly designed programs. Plus, if you ever have any questions, you can chat.


With no long-term commitment and the ability to cancel at any time, there's no reason not to try it out and see the results for yourself. Join the Gym Firebrand community and become the best version of yourself today!


As a bonus, you get the Starter Fat Loss Program!

Equipment List

For optimal Program Performance, full access to most gym equipment or a membership at a commerical gym or box is suggested.

[Paid] Self-Paced Program


Beginner [Low Gear]

Calling all heroes, both men and women, who are ready to vanquish stubborn fat, supercharge energy levels, and conquer fitness goals in just 30-40 minutes a day. Unleash your inner warrior and brace yourself to triumph over fitness challenges!


This program is tailor-made for those who crave a breakthrough in their workouts or have faced the daunting quest of finally getting in shape. Fear not, for I am here to mentor you, support you, and hold you accountable on this heroic-themed adventure of transforming your body and sculpting a new, powerful you. Access a dynamic workout library, requiring nothing more than an exercise mat, resistance bands, a chair, a couch, or a bench, and prepare for invigorating floor exercises.


Your workouts are crafted to be legendary: - Short and sweet, taking only 30 minutes to complete. A dynamic mix of resistance training, circuit training, and cardiovascular exercises to unleash your inner hero and maximize your health. Focused on compound exercises targeting the legs, chest, back, shoulders, and core, building a foundation of strength and endurance worthy of a hero.


Prepare to transform your body and embrace the hero within. Let's embark on this epic journey together, unlocking your full potential in just 90 days!

Equipment List

Bodyweight, 1 pair of Dumbbells, Mat. resistance band. a bench or couch, a step, Health App Compatible.

[Paid] Self-Paced Program


Circuit Training [Low Gear]

Gym Firebrand's most popular program for 10 years running. Tap into your inner Spartan and conquer any challenge with a workout program that will ignite your strength and boost your willpower like never before!


Drawing inspiration from the ancient Spartans, this program is designed to push you to your limits and beyond, using minimal equipment and functional training to build your strength and endurance.

The program incorporates cardio sessions that include heart-pumping plyometrics, running, and walking, allowing you to build your very own Spartan Endurance.

But that's not all - some of the workouts utilize a timer and a max rep scheme, progressively getting harder each week. This means that as you become fitter, the workouts adapt and become even more challenging, allowing you to push yourself beyond your limits.

With 30-40 minutes of intense workouts, four days a week, you'll tap into your full potential and unlock the warrior within. Achieve peak performance and conquer any challenge that comes your way. Become a force to be reckoned with!

Equipment List

Bodyweight, 1-3 pairts of Dumbbells, preferably light, medium and heavy. Mat. Kettlebells. Weighted Vest (optional) Health App Compatible.

[Paid] Self-Paced Program

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Bodyweight Only [No Gear]

My 8-week bodyweight program is inspired by the military, function movement, interval training, and Tabata Training. This program is designed for men and women who are untrained and easily accessible for normal people just starting their fitness journey, but challenging enough that even the fittest people can get in a great workout.


I will routinely utilize a maximum rep threshold, which means that you do as many reps as you individually can, making the program easier or harder depending on how fit you already are. This allows you to always push yourself.

The focus of this program is on mastering your body weight and getting comfortable in your own skin. Bodyweight training boosts metabolism, fitness, and endurance, and works compound muscle groups. This type of exercise also challenges several muscle groups at once and offers more variety than a solitary exercise machine can.

You have everything you need inside of yourself to get in the best shape possible and push your body to new heights with no workout gear, just tenacity, will, and sweat. Let's get started!

Equipment List

Bodyweight, Foam Roller, Pedometer or Step Counter, Timer or Distance Tracking App like Fit Bit, Apple Watch, or Nike Run. 

[Paid] Self-Paced Program


Women's Bodybuilding [Full Gym]

Starting a new weight training program as a woman can be an intimidating experience.


With so much misinformation out there, it can be difficult to find a program that actually delivers results.


But fear not, because this 12-week program is designed with your goals in mind. My focus is on building lean, functional muscle tone, with an emphasis on strengthening your core, glutes, and legs.


I understand that as a woman, these areas are important to you not only for aesthetics but also for overall health and fitness. I know because I've trained mostly women for 10 years.


With foundational lifts and targeted upper body exercises a total of five days per week, you'll feel strong and confident after each workout. Plus, I've included recommended cardio sessions to help increase the number of calories burned each day.


And the best part? These sessions are optional, so if you're short on time, you can still see progress. Take the first step towards your dream body with our effective and empowering program.

Equipment List

Olympic Barbells, Dumbbells, Pull-Up Bar, Mat.  Incline and Decline Bench, Squat Rack, Machines, Cables, Bike, Treadmill, Stairs, App Compatible

[Free] Self-Paced Program


Walking Challenge [No Gear]

For those brand new to fitness and looking for that initial spark to ignite their journey, this walking-only program is your perfect starting point!


Over the course of 30 days, you'll embark on a transformative journey, gradually increasing the intensity and duration of your walks. By the end, you'll be conquering two-hour-long, high-intensity walks, feeling stronger, more energized, and ready to take on new challenges.


Lace-up your shoes and step into a healthier, more active lifestyle with this exciting program designed just for you! Get in those 10k steps a day and more over the next 30 days! 

Are you up for the challenge?

Equipment List

None, except Bodyweight, Watch, Pedometer, Rucksak (optional). Weighted Vest (optional) Health App Compatible.

[Paid] Self-Paced Program

starter fat loss program_edited.jpg

Beginner [Mixed Gear]

It's time to ditch the deprivation mindset and embrace a sustainable and enjoyable approach to achieving your goals. At Gym Firebrand, we understand that the key to success is understanding and controlling the energy you consume through food and drink. That's why our Starting Fat Loss Program is designed to help you calculate your daily calorie needs and track your protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake, without feeling restricted or uninspired in your food choices.

This 4-Week Workout Program and delicious suggested meals, you'll never have to settle for boring diets again. Our meal planner is packed with mouth-watering options to keep you motivated and on track to your dream body. Plus, our compact 21-page PDF provides all the guidance you need to understand calories, your TDEE, and Macros, ensuring that you have the tools you need to succeed.

And the best part? You can easily track your workouts with the Gym Firebrand App and keep your nutrition on point with My Fitness Pal. So why wait? Grab your copy of the Gym Firebrand Starting Fat Loss Program PDF today and start enjoying the journey towards a healthier, happier you!

Equipment List

For optimal Program Performance, full access to Barbells, Dumbbells and gym machines or a membership at a commerical gym is suggested.

[Paid] Self-Paced Program


Cross Training [Full Gym]

Unleash your inner beast and take your fitness to the next level with Cross Training - the ultimate program that combines Bodybuilding, Circuit Training, Calisthenics, and Powerlifting to create an intense and comprehensive workout.

With each workout designed to work your entire body, you'll become a well-rounded athlete with a physique that exudes power, strength, and agility. By challenging your body with a variety of different training styles, you'll build muscle, burn fat, and develop a physique that is both functional and aesthetic.

With Bodybuilding, you'll build muscle mass, increase your strength, and sculpt your body to perfection. Circuit Training will improve your cardiovascular health, boost your metabolism, and increase your endurance. Calisthenics will teach you to master your own body weight, becoming comfortable with movements that require nothing more than the strength of your own muscles. And Powerlifting will develop your raw strength and power, allowing you to lift heavier weights and take on any challenge that comes your way.

With each workout, you'll become stronger, faster, and more agile, transforming your body into a well-rounded, athletic masterpiece!

Equipment List

Olympic Barbells, Dumbbells, Pull-Up Bar, Mat. Kettlebells. Med Ball, Rower, Air Bike, Health App Compatible.

[Paid] Self-Paced Program


Commerical Gym [Machines]

Get ready to transform your body with our machine-only total body program!


This high-intensity strength training program is designed to push your muscles to their fullest potential by using state-of-the-art equipment that targets specific muscle groups.


Machines are safe, and efficient, and provide a metabolic overload, increase bone density, helping you burn fat and build muscle like never before.


In just 8 weeks, you'll see major improvements in your physique, with well-defined muscles and increased strength.

With 4 workouts split over the week (Day 1 - legs; Day 2 - push; Day 3 - pull; Day 4 - biceps, triceps, abdominals, & stabilizers), you'll get up close and familiar with some of the most effective equipment in your gym and be in and out in less than an hour.


Plus, with assessments at the start, of week 5, and upon completion of week 8, you'll be able to track your progress and see just how far you've come. Don't wait, start the program now and get ready to achieve your fitness goals!

Equipment List

Treadmill, Machines; ex (Chest and Leg Press), Assited Dip station, Cable Row, Bike, Stair Climber. Health App Compatible.

[Paid] Self-Paced Program


Full Body Physique [Full Gym]

This program embraces a full-body training split, where each day targets every muscle group, and can revolutionize your fitness journey. With a five-day-per-week schedule, you engage every muscle group once each day, ensuring comprehensive development and recovery. This frequency keeps your body guessing and prevents plateaus, stimulating continual growth and adaptation.

Beyond the physiological benefits, this approach injects excitement into your workouts. By switching up exercises and muscle groups daily, boredom is minimized, and motivation stays high. Whether it's sculpting your arms, strengthening your core, or shaping your legs, each session brings a new challenge and opportunity for growth.

Moreover, this consistent stimulation can accelerate your progress. Working out every day can have both positive and negative effects on your body, depending on various factors such as intensity, duration, and type of exercise, as well as individual fitness level and overall health. With this approach, you never really have to worry about over-training or burnout because of the variation.

The intensity of your sessions will contribute to calorie burn, aid in weight loss, boost your mood, and reduce stress, increase energy levels: Regular physical activity can improve overall energy improve sleep quality and duration.

Equipment List

Olympic Barbells, Dumbbells, Pull-Up Bar, Mat.  Incline and Decline Bench, Squat Rack, Machines, Cables, Bike, Treadmill, Stairs, App Compatible

[Paid] Self-Paced Program


At Home [Mixed Gear]

Introducing the 10-Week Women's Total Body Transformation Program: a comprehensive, time-efficient, and highly effective fitness plan designed specifically for busy moms and working professional women.

This 10-week program features:

A progressive workout routine that targets key areas such as the glutes, legs, abs, and arms, and ensures a well-rounded and effective approach to female fitness.


The program is divided into five stages:

Foundation and Technique (Weeks 1-2)

Building Endurance and Strength (Weeks 3-4)

Challenging the Body (Weeks 5-6)

Focused Muscle Building (Weeks 7-8)

Full-Body Burnout and Progress Evaluation (Weeks 9-10)​ With a focus on time-efficient workouts and maximum results, my 10-week plan is perfect for modern women seeking to improve their physical fitness and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

All workouts are designed for the modern woman to do from home with minimal equipment and minimal time, making it easy for you to stay on track with your fitness goals without sacrificing precious family time.

Equipment List

Bodyweight, Dumbbells, Med Ball, Mat. Incline Bench, Kettlebells, Bands Pedometer, Bike or Treadmill, App Compatible

[Paid] Self-Paced Program

primal challenge 90day.png

Diet Challenge [No Gear]

Embark on a transformative journey and unlock the potential of food freedom and seamless fasting entry. Indulge in 90 days of meat feasting, bidding farewell to hunger and paving the way for an empowering experience. This crucial step is not just a prelude to increasing fasting schedules but also an ideal introduction to the carnivore diet, skillfully navigating common pitfalls for beginners. 

Experience effective weight loss with a carnivore diet, reducing caloric intake and enhancing satiety. Achieve heightened mental clarity by eliminating certain plant-based components. Enjoy stabilized blood sugar levels, beneficial for insulin sensitivity or diabetes concerns. Feel sustained energy levels throughout the day with reduced inflammation.  Explore improved digestive health, reducing bloating, gas, and discomfort.

Our 90-day challenge includes intermittent fasting for weight loss support, cellular repair, enhanced insulin sensitivity, and heart health. Access a 3-day per week Beginner Fitness Program emphasizing walking and basic movements.

Bonus: Receive a free copy of the "Carnivore Reset" Ebook, your guide to the 90-Day Carnivore Challenge and intermittent fasting.

Equipment List

None, except Bodyweight, Watch, Pedometer, Rucksak (optional). Weighted Vest (optional) Health App Compatible.

[Paid] Self-Paced Program


Bodyweight Only [No Gear]

Saiyans train with an unwavering dedication driven by their innate desire for growth and dominance. For them, training isn't merely a routine or obligation; it's a way of life, ingrained in their very being. 

Their training regimen is rigorous and multifaceted, encompassing various disciplines such as calisthenics, cardio, and martial arts. Calisthenics form the foundation of their physical conditioning, focusing on bodyweight exercises to build strength, agility, and endurance. Saiyans believe in harnessing the power of their bodies before relying on external tools or equipment.

Endurance is key in their line of work, where fights can stretch on for hours or even days. Through rigorous cardio exercises, Saiyans push their limits and expand their capacity for exertion, ensuring they remain formidable opponents in any situation.

Embark on a transformational journey towards unlocking your inner warrior with my 12-week calisthenics workout plan inspired by the legendary Saiyan mentality. Designed for beginners, this program will guide you from Level 1 to Level 2, sculpting your physique, torching fat, and unleashing your full potential.

Equipment List

Bodyweight, Pull-Up Bar, Dip Bar, Mat. Bike or Treadmill or a Place to Run, Health App Compatible.

[Paid] Self-Paced Program


Power Bodybuilding [Full Gym]

Power-Body Building - the ultimate program for strength, size, and power! This program is designed to take you to the next level, building resilience through powerlifting techniques and maximizing size and definition with bodybuilding exercises. With low reps and heavy resistance training, you'll target and maximize muscle hypertrophy's effects, pushing your body to the limit.

The Power-Body Building program prioritizes the three major compound power lifts - squats, deadlifts, and bench presses - to take your strength and power to new heights. And with an added Shoulder Day to round out the program, you'll build a well-rounded physique that exudes power, strength, and confidence.

Push, pull, and squat your way to new lean muscle mass and torch fat, leaving behind the weak and the mediocre. With each workout, you'll become stronger, faster, and more agile, transforming your body into a powerhouse of strength and endurance.

 With each workout, you'll achieve new heights of strength, size, and power, becoming a true beast in the gym and in life!

Equipment List

Olympic Barbells, Dumbbells, Pull-Up Bar, Mat.  Incline and Decline Bench, Squat Rack, Elliptical, Treadmill, Health App Compatible.

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