At first, this method seemed to go against all that has been recommended and taught in recent times but, many people, including celebrities, have seen great results when this technique is used.

There are several ways you can achieve great results through fasting. Very common methods are the 16-8 and 5-2 methods.

The 16-8 method follows a 16 hour fast and 8 hour feed period every day of the week, whereas the 5-2 method follows 5 regular days with two 20 hour fasts each week.

We will utilize a 15-9 (15 hours fast 9-hour feed) method on weight training days and a 17-7 (17 hours fast 7-hour feed) on non-weight training days.


A keynote on fasting - during the fast the only things you can have are water and coffee or teas (no milk) and selected supplements, nothing else at all. This is not easy but will teach you to control your bodies “Lust for Food” and cravings for “junk”. You will also be more aware of the difference between actual hunger pangs, and Food Lust/comfort eating. 

There are two very important notes for this section.

1. Make sure on weight training days that you eat your first and largest meal no later than 2 hours after the workout has finished.

2. During your fast make sure you take on nothing that will affect your insulin level. Typically in this phase, the restrictions are water, black coffee, and BCAA capsules.

Benefits of Fasting
Improved insulin sensitivity
Increased fat oxidization


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