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W.O.D #1 Take a Walk Date: 04/05/2021 www.Gymfirebrand.com Welcome to the workout of the day. Each time you visit, there will be a new workout. Workouts will vary in intensity and difficulty, so make sure you modify the workout as you need, to suit your skill level.

● Walk for 3.0 miles ○ Walk on a treadmill ○ Go outside if possible ○ Walk on a track ○ Modify: Bike, Row, Swim, Nustep, Elliptical Movement

● Perform each movement in order. That is one round. Rest at the end of each round. Rest between movements if necessary.

○ Jacks x 20

○ Air Squats x 10

○ Jacks x 20

○ Push-Ups x 10

○ Jacks x 20

○ Sit-Ups x 10

Rest 45 seconds between rounds. Repeat 2-3 times more.

Class notes
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