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Lifestyle choices and chronic disease

Did you know that your lifestyle and choices you make are the root cause of many of your problems And or diseases? Bad knees; didn’t walk enough. High blood Pressure, weak joints, lack of strength, poor mobility, fading eye sight, diabetes, etc. Did you know that the majority of these and many other health related problems we face as we age can be treated, mitigated and out right removed by healthy lifestyle practice?

Did you know that exercise and diet are the two greatest factors, you can control 100%, in which you can live a better life?

Healthcare starts with, what you put into your mouth, and what type of physical activity you participate in.

Literally, “Use it or lose it.” I work with a range of clients from 30-101years old. Did you know the ones in the best health watch what they eat and exercise for 1-2 hrs a day? One woman in her 90s told me that it’s helped her pain so much just moving and exercising , and she often gets bored sitting around so she enjoys my exercise classes. The benefits out way the detriment.

The time lost from working out is time gained on the life clock.

If you don't respect your body, with proper nutrition and exercise (like brushing your teeth) in the end it will betray you to death. That’s no BS! I’m being real with you since nobody else will.

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