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Natural Immune Boosters

Hello all, in the age of the Covid-19 Virus I thought it a good time to share this. I have a background in Health, Fitness and Holistic Herbs and Dietary Supplements. I am the director of health and fitness coordinator at a retirement community and have been in the health and fitness industry for 12 years. I read a lot of books, and have learned a lot by proxy about medicinal herbs and vitamins. I worked at the Vitamin shoppe for 5 years while I was a personal trainer and I heard all kinds of stories, theories, applications and became friends with many in the health care industry. Including Holistic, homeopathic and internal medicine practitioners. Continuing education is a must in the health, wellness and fitness industry and I hate bullshit, so naturally I came to understand, what works, what doesn't, what's absolute bullshit and what are rock star supplements. I thought it would be a good time to share a few of my top choices for Immune Boosting supplements and herbs that you can pick up over the counter without buying from Alex Jones, or pricks trying to sell you precious metals. Feel free to look into these things on your own as I don't have time to type out, nor do I care to list all the benefits of these things. Just know (for what its worth) that I have the best interest of your health in mind. I care about people, and have always wanted to help. Thanks. -Firebrandur 🔥🗡😷

1. Oil of Oregano - 70% Carvacrol, Wild Mediterranian 2. Ashwaghanda - Worlds oldest tonic and adaptogen 3. Turmeric with Curcumin- Inflammation control, antioxidant 4. Vitamin C and D - Immune booster- Fruits veggies, sunshine 5. Echinacea - 400 mg+, white blood cell booster 6. Collodial Silver 10ppm 7. Zinc 50mg (No more of tummy ache) 8. Elderberry Syrup 9. Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyuptus oil 10. L-Lysine, Tissue Repair 11. Glutathione -key amino for immune 12. Thieves Oil (essential oil) 13. Garlic with Allicin 14. Astaxanthin - Anti oxidant 15. Creatine Monohydrate ( ATP for cellular energy, avoids the glucose pathway of energy) 16. Bioflavinoids - plant extracts for detox 17. Spirulina 18. Greens Powder (super greens) If you dont eat veggies you are doing yourself a great disservice. 19. B COmplex (cellular energy) 20. Grapefruit Seed extract (citricidal with sodium cholride) Alright, thats all I got. If I think of any more I will post. Ashwaghanda I take dialy, its also a mood booster as it helps you adapt to stress. If you are into Nootropics and need to focus, get L-Tyrosine or buy some ALpha Brain. The stuff in that supplement blend is off the chain. You take that shit, people wont be able to keep up with you. Good luck.

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