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New Sports Outerwear Designs

I found a website called the Graphic Edge. They create outerwear and sports style gear for teams and athletes. I have wanted to get some underarmor or outerwear like this for a while! Now that it's getting cooler, some outerwear like this would be amazing! Here are the concepts I put together using the Shirt design software at Graphic Edge. There are many styles, but I really liked these. These are high quality items, so you have to order a few at a time, so I would want to get an order together. The question is, which style of logo and pull over should we go with?

Link-> If you click the T Shirt designer, you can see there are TONS of options. Pick your favorite, I am going to come up with a few looks. Stay tuned Gym Fam!


Let me know what you think in the comments and if you would want to order one.

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