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WOD - Cardio + Weights 30 min Total Body

All you need for this one is a place to step up onto and a pair of dumbbells.

Cardio 5 rounds

  1. Jacks x10

  2. Seals x10

  3. Jacks x10

  4. Side lunges x4

  5. High Knees x10

  6. Reverse Lunges x4


Weights 3 rounds

  1. Dumbbell Box Step-Ups x 50/40/30

  2. DB Shoulder Press x8

  3. DB Bent Over Row x8

  4. DB Goblet Squat x8

  5. DB Stiff Dead Lift x8

Note: Use heavier weights on step ups if possible or wear a heavy back pack. This simulated hiking or stair climbing with a load. You can alternate your stepping up (left,right).

Or Single Leg step up (left then right) by placing one foot on your step and keeping it there. Then step up bringing the opposite leg thats not on the box up to Your other foot.

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